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Jason Goldsworthy, Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)

Executive Director of COAST (Centre for Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies)

Hosts an in-depth interview with Dorn Beattie, CTO, Inventor, and Founder of Swordfish Energy, and Patrick Marshall, CEO and Co-Founder of the Canadian Hydrokinetic (underwater) Turbine manufacturer with plans for global distribution.

The multi-award winning Swordfish Turbine, and two-time nominee to Prince William's prestigious Earth Shot Prize, is the most ecologically friendly clean energy device in the world, producing megawatts to gigawatts of industrial-scale clean, renewable 'blue' energy derived from the ocean's tides and river flows.



The unique horizontal axis, bi-directional design of the Swordfish turbine delivers more than triple the efficiency of wind power, and double the efficiency of solar power.

In December 2023, McGill University nominated Swordfish Energy to Prince William's 2024 Earth Shot Prize


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