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Meet Swordfish

Swordfish is a purpose-driven enterprise focused specifically on renewable clean energy through the use of its disruptive underwater turbine design. Swordfish Horizontal Axis, and Bi-Directional Turbines are the most advanced underwater turbines in the industry. They can operate in more locations worldwide, including deep water, nearshore, and river environments producing clean, dependable energy up to 2 megawatts per unit, or gigawatts when established in arrays. Swordfish energy output can be predicted years in advance operating at 90%+ efficiency, more than double the efficiency of solar

Swordfish turbines are easier to install and maintain making the cost of ownership far more practical and less expensive than typical propeller-style turbines. The gentle rotation of the self-cleaning hydrophobic 'wings' provides safe passage for sea life while discouraging crustaceans and other sessile growth and repelling sub-surface debris.

The mounting cradle for Swordfish ocean-based turbines are permanently affixed to the seabed and designed to promote reef and plant life growth, making Swordfish the most universally usable underwater turbine in the industry without sacrificing energy output.      

Meet The Founders

Dorn in threePiece Smaller.png

Dorn Beattie

Dorn is the inventor of the Swordfish Turbine. He is an experienced entrepreneur, and inventor of several advanced technical systems, with numerous awards and successes to his name including the successful sale/exit of three of his companies. His designs and concepts have been effectively used by business leaders for years.


Andy Krawchuk

Andy is a successful businessman and project manager with numerous successes in major retail shopping mall developments in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the United States. West Edmonton Mall, Canada Mall of America and Meadowhall to name a few.

patrick Marshall Bust-2_edited.jpg

Patrick Marshall - Chief Executive Officer

Patrick has specialized in business development, stakeholder engagement, and business and operational transformation using his unique competencies. Patrick was honored as the British Columbia Economic Developer of the Year, & holds a degree in Environmental Studies, from the University of Waterloo.

Advisory Board

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Company is very fortunate to have built an extraordinary team of like-minded individuals who share our passion to create a better planet for future generations. 

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